What is Sattva Yoga

What is Sattva Yoga?

Sattva Yoga is a whole practice. An ever evolving whole which never reaches an end. Its a complete union of yogic paths from Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath), Kriya (energy), Meditation and Mantra. With the Sattva practice it works with all 5 layers of the body. The practices have the capacity to address all 5 layers, The Physical Body, The Energy Body, Mental Body, Wisdom Body, and The Bliss body. The 5 layers are basically a map out of an inward journey. From the Periphery of the body to the self.  Sattva Practice allows you to work with the bodies energies not just on a physical level but on a cellular level to help shift your state, aligning the nervouse system, and connect to the true self. The Sattva Journey is designed to give you the full experience of the energy that is you.