The Practice


The Practice

Sattva Yoga is a whole practice, An ever evolving whole which never reaches an end and it never plato’s. From ancient teachings of Himalayan Yoga. The practice has the capacity to address all 5 layers of the body, The Physical Body, The Energy Body, Mental Body, Wisdom Body, and The Bliss body. The 5 layers are basically a map out of an inward journey.  Working with our bodies natural intelligence not just on a physical level but on a cellular level by balance our nervous system, release toxins in the body, cleanse, activate, expand,  and connect to the self. To do this we incorporate a complete union of Yogic Paths in class. Through Pranayama (Breath Work), Kriya (Energy) , Asana (Postures) , Mantra and Meditation. Creating all levels of aliveness within the body, bringing Intelligence beyond thought and beyond time. To become align with your inner eco system.   

“ The only great enemy that you have is your own self. The only Obstacle that you have in the path of your own life is your own self. Since this is the only obstacle you have, only you can lift that obstacle. ”

- Anand Mehrotra